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Tantric Massage)

For most people, the term Tantric massage evokes images of ancient and mysterious practises that should be avoided. The pop star Sting brought the art of tantra into the public domain when he sensationally revealed that he and his wife enjoyed tantric sex for many hours at a time. The British media sensationalised the story, missing most of the facts, and everyone was left with the incorrect view that tantra was simply penetrative sex with no movement whilst meditating! Boring!

There has been little to correct this general view and for many, a tantric massage would seem to be a bit of a waste of time however this could not be further from the truth! Whilst a Tantric massage does require the recipient to take on a more passive role, this could also be described as submissive in that the masseuse or the person giving the tantric massage is in complete control. Tantric massage includes various elements of yoga and sexual therapy. It teaches deep relaxation and self control and despite the term massage being included, it does tend to involve physical release as well as intimacy.

For most gents, a single hour encounter with a London escort is the norm. They will meet with their escort and enjoy a private tryst where, usually they will take control. Whilst there will usually be physical release it could hardly be called mind blowing or explosive however when a gentleman enjoys an hour of tantric massage, he can look forward to absolute blissful pleasure from the first touch.

Tantric massage is the ancient Hindu way to release our powerful sexual energy. Massage moves it from its resting place at the base of the spine to all areas of the entire body enhancing sensual awareness at each point along the way with blissful liberation building with every touch, stroke and caress. The final aim of the tantric massage is to induce a tantric orgasm. This is different from a regular orgasm that maybe achieved in normal sexual endeavours in that it can last for many hours of prolonged sexual pleasure. Those who have experienced tantric orgasm speak of intense satisfaction, a white light of breath taking pleasure that is seemingly endless. An awakening of the mind and the body in this way will intensify all future sensual activities.

When you choose London Tantric massage at Pamper tantric we understand that our clients are looking for much more than just a casual release. Our Tantric massage girls are highly skilled in the art of Tantric massage and can help clients achieve the heightened level of blissful satisfaction they seek. Massage is not just about using the hands to release pent up energies. They can use their whole bodies to move your sexual energy from chakra to chakra. The role of the client is a passive one in that he will need to place a great deal of trust in the masseuse to allow her to relax him and ease away any initial tensions in the body. It is only then that the magic of the London tantric massage can be enjoyed.

As you can see from our portfolio, we have a number of engaging and sensual beauties for our clients to spend intimate time with. A London Tantric massage is much more involved than any other type of erotic encounter and a higher level of mutual understanding is required in order to achieve such enlightenment. Many of our clients have started their sexual awakening being dismissive of the spiritual effect of the Tantric massage however through their own personal experiences, our London tantric massage service has delivered a heightened sexual awareness and ability to reach higher planes of satisfaction with every encounter.

If stimulation has reached a plateau and you are looking for something new and exciting to experience, then our erotic Tantric massage therapists have all the answers you need. Our Tantric massage service in London can answer any questions you may have so why not just give us a call and help us to light the way ahead in your search for sensual and erotic satisfaction.