Nuru Massage London

What is Nuru Massage London?

Wanna try a completely new experience that is going to make your whole body shiver of pleasure? Then try a Nuru Massage London and enjoy the feeling of a beautiful woman's body sliding on your skin with her every pore!

The word "Nuru" means slippery in Japanese. Nuru Massage London, a type of massage with origins in Japan, uses a special gel, made traditionally from seaweed, aloe vera, chamomile and grapefruit extract, without taste or smell, but very soft and slippery. It's a very sensual massage, the masseur who plays both, and the receiver are completely naked massage and full body massage is done using only this gel.

Our skin contains millions of nerve endings, just waiting to be stimulated in a way more sensual. Tantric massage represents an experience by which you can bring your boyfriend from total relaxation, the sublime pleasure using only the power of touch you.

Here are some practical tips and techniques for making an exciting Nuru Massage London:

1. Erotic ambience: silk sheets, ambient background sound and aroma candles aphrodisiacs (such as lavender) are some things that should not miss from your nest mad. In addition, you should know that the room in which the massage should have a temperature higher than 22 degrees Celsius.

2. Essential oils for massage: many people ignore this aspect when producing a massage- first you should rub your hands with oil, and then pour a few drops on your partner's body. In this way every touch is well lubricated and only provokes pleasure. Ideally, you should choose an essential oil with aphrodisiac (click and discovers x essential oils with aphrodisiac effect) for your own touch to provoke a more intense pleasure. Another tip would be to put the bottle of oil in hot water, remarks that oil massage is very cold.

3. Intimate area will be reached at the end: massage should start with a series of relaxation techniques. The masseuse will achieve its customer throughout the body, from head to toe, but will avoid to touch her intimate area. Only when you are completely relaxed you will have your penis rubbed.

4. The golden rule of masseurs: erotic massage means permanent physical contact and keeping hands on the client at all times. This ensures uninterrupted erotic power exchange between the two, but also body heat, and is a vital aspect of Nuru Massage London.