Tantric Massage London

What is Tantric Massage London?

Tantric massage is the ancient art of channelling sexual energy in order to achieve a higher state of blissful satisfaction both physically and mentally. It all sounds quite exotic however most will have experienced a lighter form of erotic massage during their usual foreplay experiences, Tantric massage takes things many steps beyond this in order to take the recipient to a higher plane of pure satisfaction and gratification beyond anything ever imagined.

Our London Tantric massage service is performed by all of our stunning massage therapists. They are all highly skilled and extremely experienced in various forms of erotic massage and specialise in the ancient art of Tantra. The difference between a London tantric massage and a regular erotic massage is that the goal of the therapist is to awaken all 7 chakras of the body through a variety of arousal techniques and thereby awaken previously repressed areas of personal satisfaction and desire. A tantric massage offers a level of stimulation that is not achieved with other forms of massage nor indeed with most other forms of intimacy.

Tantric massage can be utilised in a variety of ways to enhance many different aspects of our lives. Problems that many people experience as a result of their busy schedules include stress, anxiety, problems sleeping, lack of mobility and pent up emotions and tantric massage performed by an experienced therapist can alleviate all these issues. The sexual benefits are numerous and include a new level of sensual awakening and understanding of our own desires. Tantric massage can improve control of our sexual performance as well as prolonging the blissful satisfaction too.

Tantric massage is very intimate, sexual and erotic. The entire body is the focus and not just the genital area. General society has embraced the pleasure of massage as a form of foreplay however tantric massage goes much further and is a pleasure in its own right rather than just being a lead up to the main event. Tantric massage does not avoid the main erogenous zones, it enhances other areas to also become erogenous zones too. Here is an added spirituality about a tantric massage that enhances the overall pleasure although clients do not have to believe in the spiritual side of things to enjoy their experience.

At Pamper tantric, our specialist massage therapists employ numerous arousal techniques to ensure clients enjoy the full benefit of tantric massage. Some clients who have had problems with arousal in the past can relax in the knowledge that their previous issues will be a thing of the past. The fact that the whole body is stimulated whilst in a totally relaxed state will undoubtedly lead to climax however it may be the case that the client has deeply repressed their sexual energy and more than one tantric massage is necessary to find release.

Heightened sensitivity is normal during a tantric massage and a client should not find it unusual to feel aroused at the simplest of touches. Given the fact that our tantric massage specialists can work either in their lingerie or in the nude, the full body is on high alert to any possible physical contact. The fact that the tantric massage is so passive means that gentlemen can focus on their own pleasure and enjoyment rather than have to take control and steer the encounter in any direction. This can sometimes be a habit that many men find difficult to break, to simply lay back and allow their Tantric massage therapist do all the work without reciprocal stimulation. Our ladies are happy to use their skills to heighten your sensual and erotic awareness and will not feel that you are being inattentive or selfish in any way. Your pleasure is their pleasure and satisfaction. To experience the quiver of a full body climax, the Tantric massage service is the one for you. Call our team to make a booking and perhaps ask any questions you may have. Our team are on hand to assist in any way possible in order to make your experience something of a pivotal moment in your life.